Ben Merriman


The definition in nearly nocturnal nerd


Hi, I'm Ben. Say hello to my little corner of the Internet.

(does the Internet even have corners?...)

I made this page to try and organise the clutter I have strewn over all the other corners of the web and to show you what I can do! Please feel free to take a look around, you can find my contact information at the bottom of the page, or that handy contact button at the top!

About me

27 years old. British. DevOps Engineer. Urbanite and International traveller. Buzzwords.

In case single word sentences aren't your thing let me give you a bit more detail. I've always been fascinated with technology and have managed to somehow get paid for my passion (what more can you ask for?). Oh and I'm married to an amazing American woman (check out her Instagram!) so life is pretty good!


What I can do


I'm proficient in PowerShell, Python and Bash. I have an understanding of PHP, Ruby and SQL


I've been working with computers since I was old enough to reach the keyboard. Don't believe me? Check this out


I have 7 years experience working for e-commerce and FinTech companies as a Network Engineer, SysAdmin and in a DevOps role


I've worked with a large number of operating systems; Windows, OSX and Linux


I'm in the process of becoming a VMWare certified professional and an AWS Certified Solutions Architect


I have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Leicester


What I'm most proud of


I've been instrumental in two companies passing their PCI certification, both in helping policy making and digitally securing the company's assets


I have a been contributing to the Linux community via Launchpad for a number of years


I have helped build two multi-million GBP datacenters, from the physical racking through networking, hypervisor installations right through to migration.


I've built websites for friends and family. Don't tell anyone, but you're browsing one of my favourites right now!


I put together my own computers and servers from components. Being able to recognise hardware is very sad awesome


I love to travel as much as I can, so far I've managed to rack up 196,160 miles over 448 hours (that's 315,689 km).
Proof here!


Contact me and I'll try and get back to you within 24 hours